De Glamour

Hello readers :) Here is my short self-introduction.
My name is S'yin Cheah.I am Sixteen years old now.
I was born in Kedah,Malaysia and i study at SMJK Keat hwa.
I have a mushroom head hairstyle because of my school 's law.
However,i like my school so much!
I   my family and my friends and i cherish our relationship ;)

              What i Like                                                               What i Hate
               French ,Portugeuse                                                    Exam,Homework
               Roses ,Larvender*Super Duper LIKE!                             Copycat,Faker
               Shopping ,Enjoy my delicious food                                People who Arrogant,Show off,Vanity
               Sakae Sushi,Dome,Chicago,MacDonald,Fruuze,Sticky
               Flower by Kenzo,Burberry Touch*perfume


Thanks for viewing my Blog*Please enjoy here :)